Week Two in the Field

The second week at AGAP 2015 saw steady progress in all areas.

Keep digging, Gharandaliens!

DSC_0877 (800x536)

Emma and Daniel win the prize for first whole pot of the season!

DSC_0880 (800x536)

Emma Pugmire, incoming graduate student in Art History and Archaeology at Mizzou (Go Tigers!) with her goody.

DSC_0913 (800x536)

Our Bio-Arch team, aka “The Bod Squad” does its thing in the Roman fort

DSC_0921 (800x536)

Is that a visitor? Dr. Megan Perry of East Carolina University drops by to check out the goods and work being done by her former grad students, Jessica Walker & Kathryn Parker.

DSC_0923 (800x536)

A Roman coin! Bronze corrodes to a greenish color over time, so diggers have to keep an eye out for the gleam of green. Great job, Coral!

Shadow Team

Making shade is an important group endeavor

DSC_0976 (800x536)

House Shrub takes a break in the sand

DSC_1027 (800x536)

The Bod Squad’s winning entry from the Gharandal 2015 sandfort¬†challenge. Go team!


Thus ends another successful week. Stay tuned for updates from the field!


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